How to create a luxury outdoor area

When you think of a luxury garden what do you envision? At White Stores, we picture a modern space with a large green area, a large area for all your guests, a fire pit or barbecue area and maybe even a pool. Well you might not have the space to create this in your outdoor space, or you might not know where to start. So, how can you create a luxury outdoor area? Here are our top tips:


Tip 1: Precautious Planting 

Be careful what you choose to plant in your garden. We recommend an 80/20 rule: 80% of your plants should be strong and hardy, while 20% should be colourful and exciting. Choose your planting areas carefully and according to what your plants need i.e. sunlight for part or all of the day but also make sure it complements your outdoor seating area.

Tip 2: Exterior Interior

Your exterior space should feel like a natural extension of your interior. Have some pieces or colour schemes which complement your indoor décor to create a harmonious flow throughout. White Stores offer some great water resistant fabric furniture sets which look extremely luxurious and helps to continue your indoor themes on the outside.

Tip 3: Create Rooms

Not only should you keep your interior décor flowing throughout but you could also turn your outside space into a room of its own. Chairs and sofas as well as stunning outdoor fire places help to create a living room in the outdoors. A comfortable setting for you and your guests that not only looks but feels like luxurious living.


Tip 4: Flooring

A stone patio area may be easy to maintain but if you’re looking for luxury a large green space as well as soft flooring such as wood or gravel creates a pretty, picturesque area which works well with all furniture.

Tip 5: Minimalistic Approach

Your luxury space should incorporate everything you need to relax but never be too busy or overwhelming. Take the minimalistic approach to create a relaxed, inviting and calming outdoor space.

Tip 6: Lighting

You want to be able to use your luxury outdoor space in the evening as well as in the daytime so add some lighting to your garden. A trellis woven with solar lights creates a unique glow but you can also go for real flame lanterns or a large firepit which gives your seating area a focal point as well as adding warmth.

Tip 7: Water Features

So, you might not have room for a pool but any luxury garden needs a water feature. This could be something as simple as a small fountain or as large as a pond, depending on the space you have available. The soothing sounds of flowing water will add a luxurious and tranquil aspect to your outdoor space.


Tip 8: Outdoor Entertainment

For the ultimate in outdoor luxury you could add outdoor speakers or even go as far as an outdoor entertainment system. Many outdoor speakers blend perfectly with your garden and are unrecognisable as speakers to your guests, giving you a very impressive garden addition.

At White Stores, we understand how every outdoor space is different and every gardener has unique taste which is why we offer a huge range of luxury outdoor furniture. Creating your luxury outdoor space should be a fun and exciting process but it can be difficult to get right which is why we suggest following our tips and injecting your own personality into your garden.

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