How to create a luxury outdoor area

When you think of a luxury garden what do you envision? At White Stores, we picture a modern space with a large green area, a large area for all your guests, a fire pit or barbecue area and maybe even a pool. Well you might not have the space to create this in your outdoor space, or you might not know where to start. So, how can you create a luxury outdoor area? Here are our top tips:


Tip 1: Precautious Planting 

Be careful what you choose to plant in your garden. We recommend an 80/20 rule: 80% of your plants should be strong and hardy, while 20% should be colourful and exciting. Choose your planting areas carefully and according to what your plants need i.e. sunlight for part or all of the day but also make sure it complements your outdoor seating area.

Tip 2: Exterior Interior

Your exterior space should feel like a natural extension of your interior. Have some pieces or colour schemes which complement your indoor décor to create a harmonious flow throughout. White Stores offer some great water resistant fabric furniture sets which look extremely luxurious and helps to continue your indoor themes on the outside. Continue reading “How to create a luxury outdoor area”